"Cønic is a great tool that offers a variety of guidance. It's perfect for demonstrating what proper face rotation is supposed to feel like throughout the stroke. We are always wary anytime a training aid offers so much guidance because it's restricting you to the point that it's effortless. What we like about Cønic is the ability to unlock certain variables.  It's fully adjustable and that enables us to focus in on any given fundamental for each student. This is a product that we like a lot and we find ourselves using it more and more."


"Feel what great putters feel! Spend fifteen minutes on Cønic and feel it for yourself!"

Darrell Kestner, PGA
PGA Golf Professional of the Year - 2017

"After seeing a prototype of the Cønic, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. I waited patiently for close to a year while the Cønic was being developed.  I recently received mine. It is the only putting device that teaches a golfer the proper feel for the X(lie), Y (loft) and Z (shaft rotation) axis.  Cønic will revolutionize the way putting is taught. My students and I love it!"


Rob Noel

Founder, Rob Noel Golf Academy

GOLF Top 100 Teachers in America

Cønic Putting System, Putting Aid

“Eminent Golf has created a Putting Training Aid that really makes my life as an instructor easier.  As coaches, we are always trying to bridge the gap between “correct” and “incorrect” and Ben’s Cønic gives the coach and athlete many different options.”

VJ Trolio

Founder, The Teaching Center at Old Waverly

GOLF Top 100 Teachers in America

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